"Save our Cottages - Artists with a Cause" Documentary & Gallery Show debuts on Indian Rocks Beach

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

January 11 "Save Our Cottages - Artists with a Cause" documentary and art show played to a sold out audience at City Hall and the Beach Art Center on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.

More than 400 collectors and clients filled the art centre.

Two years of filming, painting and planning went into this event. We filmed in Provence, France, the birthplace of impressionism and also at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. Two of the most fun filled years of our lives.

The three member Plein Aire Cottage Artists are the feature of the documentary and like all great documentaries it is the guests and speakers who contributed who made the documentary such a success. It was accepted at Gasparilla Film Festival in Tampa and won the "People's Choice" Award in 2019. Currently it is being entered in film festivals such as Toronto, Cork and others before going as promised to PBS where it will receive widespread viewing. Emmy Award documentary film maker Lynn Marvin Dingfelder and Emmy award cinematographer Larry Wiezycki are a joy to know and work with.

(Above: Documentary Film-maker, Lynn Marvin Dingfelder, Violetta Chandler, Larry Wiezycki and Kim Wiezycki.)

Some new and exciting projects on the back burner which we shall reveal shortly.

(You can find this blog and more from Helen here: http://helentilstonpainter.blogspot.com/)

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